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developer skillsSalaryweb developmentWeb3

27 September, 2022

Hire Web3 Developers: Salary, Skills and More
byRex HuxfordinCommunity

The blockchain ecosystem has seen unprecedented growth with many companies now looking to hire Web3 developers with experience in cryptocurrency.


01 September, 2022

Git Internals Part 3: Understanding the staging area in Git

The staging area in Git is the main working area, but most of the developers know only a little about it. In this article, we will be discussing the staging area in Git and how it is a fundamental part of version control and can be used effectively to make version control easier and uncomplicated.

developer personalities

28 July, 2022

Understanding developer personalities

Personality theories provide a blueprint for understanding why people behave the way they do. In the latest edition of our Developer Nation survey, we incorporated a measure of the widely accepted ‘Big Five’ personality dimensions in order to better understand the personality traits of software developers.

How do developers generate revenues

14 July, 2022

How Developers Generate Revenues

How businesses and developers as individuals make money from software projects is one of the most important decisions they have to make. Of all the business models and strategies available, companies and freelancers need to pick the ones that best match their market and goals.

How does Git store your data

13 July, 2022

Git Internals Part 2: How does Git store your data?

The most fundamental term we know regarding git and data storage is repositories. Let’s first understand what a git repository is and where it stands in terms of data storage in git.

From Interpreted Basic to Swift UI

13 July, 2022

From Interpreted Basic to Swift UI – Part 2

This is the second part of the exciting story of our community member, Deborah Graham. Deborah attended Apple’s WWDC and decided to put her learnings from that experience into immediate action.

Rewriting my app to Swift Part 2

30 June, 2022

From Interpreted Basic to SwiftUI – Part 1

It is with great excitement that we are now kicking off our new section of stories coming right from our Developer Nation community members.

Our first piece comes from Deborah Graham who recently attended Apple’s WWDC and decided to put her learnings from that experience into immediate action.

Blockchain developer

29 June, 2022

How To Make It As A New Blockchain Developer

Crypto, Blockchain and Web3 are buzzwords these days and while you might already hold some Bitcoin on Coinbase or Binance, you might also be wondering how you can move your career into this new industry as a developer.

Developer prize draw winners

22 June, 2022

[Live Updates] Prize Winners – 23rd Developer Nation Survey

The 23rd Developer Nation Survey is live and running full speed and we already have our first winners to announce! Those that were lucky enough to win one of our amazing prizes! What are the Developer Nation Prize draws? If you’re new to our prize draws: developers who take our surveys earn 100 points for every new […]

DevsInTransit #1: From Frontend Developer to Developer Advocate at Stream

16 June, 2022

DevsInTransit #1: From Frontend Developer to Developer Advocate at Stream

For the first episode of #DevsInTransit, our guest is Dillion Megida. Dillion is currently a developer advocate at Stream and is based in the Netherlands. Before joining Stream as a developer advocate, Dillion used to be a frontend developer based in Nigeria. This is his story.

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