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27 September, 2022

Hire Web3 Developers: Salary, Skills and More
byRex HuxfordinCommunity

The blockchain ecosystem has seen unprecedented growth with many companies now looking to hire Web3 developers with experience in cryptocurrency.

developer pay check

12 May, 2017

How can developers improve their paycheck.

As a software developer, what is the most lucrative opportunity you could be working on? This is a very relevant question to ask. Software skills are generally scarce and good developers are highly coveted. Furthermore, developers are mobile, in the sense that the nature of their trade allows them to work from remote locations quite easily and marketplaces for their services are well established. So which project should you pick?

revenue costs per platform

25 September, 2012

Revenue and cost breakdown per platform

In a previous article, we discussed revenue and costs for app developers overall. Here, we add some more detail for each platform individually. iOS iOS a healthy developer economy. The iOS economy is the one that works best for its developers: it has the lowest percentage of developers below the “app poverty line” (42%) while […]

app development costs

25 September, 2012

Planning your development costs

The bar for successful apps is high: if you want your app to stick out among a million others, it needs to be well designed, user friendly and working flawlessly, all of this comes with significant development costs. In this article, we give an indication of the types of costs you need to take into […]

revenue models, developer salary

12 September, 2012

11 revenue models that bring in more cash

Developers have a range of options to choose from when it comes to generating revenue. This choice is, to some extent, dependent on business model, scale and target market. Which revenue models are most popular, and which are most profitable? Key insights and recommendations: Selling your app B2B (commissioned apps or pre-loaded on a handset) […]

app monetisation, developer salary

31 August, 2012

Will you rise above the app poverty line? (Or: what everyone else is earning)

Most app makers are not primarily in the game to make money. The primary reason for developer platform selection is not app monetisation, but reach; irrespective of platform, 54% of developers adopt a platform because of reach, while 43% cite low cost and 30% cite revenue potential. Moreover, out of the eight types of app […]

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