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enterprise developers interview 3

05 October, 2023

Meet the Enterprise Developers – Interview Series #3: The Game Development  Industry
byEleonora FanourakiinEnterprise Developers

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be at the forefront of crafting tools that enhance the lives of game developers? In our latest interview, we had the privilege of sitting down with Anant Sharma, an Enterprise Software Developer at a prominent game studio. His journey is not just fascinating but also filled with valuable insights for aspiring developers and anyone curious about the dynamic tech landscape.

Anant’s role revolves around creating tools that elevate the quality of life for game developers within their studio. This interview provides an in-depth look into his world, the challenges and benefits of working in a large company versus a startup, and his aspirations for the future of remote work.

Explore the ever-evolving tech landscape through the eyes of Anant Sharma, an enterprise developer with a passion for innovation and continuous learning.


23 August, 2023

Meet the Enterprise Developers – Interview Series #2: The data storage & processing sector

Explore the world of Enterprise Developers and gain valuable insights into their roles and perspectives. Discover unique challenges, benefits, and dynamics through our interview with Dev B, an Enterprise Developer in the data storage and processing sector.

Enterprise Developers - Who are they 1
developer interviewdevelopersEnterprise

30 May, 2023

Meet the Enterprise Developers – Interview Series #1:  Investment Sector 

The term Enterprise Developer has been showing up quite frequently over the past few years in Developer Nation and other programming communities. In our experience, this term can have slightly varied meanings, but it often relates to the Developers working in big teams/organisations, supporting enterprise-grade software development. 

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