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Cross-Platform Development Tools
Cross-platform development toolsdevelopersframeworks

14 May, 2024

Cross-Platform Development Tools: Comparing the Latest Frameworks
byKatie BrennemaninCommunity

Whether you’re an experienced developer or an entrepreneur eager to kickstart your project, this article provides insights into the best cross-platform development tools available.

IoT Landscape

14 May, 2024

Navigating the IoT Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges for Developers

Explore the multifaceted world of the Internet of Things (IoT), from its interconnected devices to the pivotal role of developers. This article delves into the challenges developers face, such as security and interoperability, while also highlighting exciting innovations like 5G connectivity and AI integration.


10 May, 2024

The Essential Soft Skills for Developers

So, whether you’re a fresh-grad developer or a seasoned one, having well-developed soft skills is necessary. We’ve listed eight essential soft skills for developers to help you improve your professional career.

7 Software Engineering Disciplines_

19 April, 2024

7 Software Engineering Disciplines: Which Career Path Should You Choose?

This article explores 7 software engineering disciplines, the skills involved, and the expected salary. We also look at an example of what your career path as a software engineer might look like—but remember, the journey will be different for everyone!

Enhancing Online Security: Best Practices for Developers

11 April, 2024

Enhancing Online Security: Best Practices for Developers

Developing software brings innovation opportunities but also risks like intellectual property theft and data exploitation. Prioritizing online security from the start ensures project protection throughout the development lifecycle.


14 March, 2024

The state of Data Science and future of Generative AI with Anand Mishra

In this episode, we explore Anand Mishra’s journey from Data Scientist to CTO at Analytics Vidhya, a leading figure in Data Science. Anand sheds light on his career evolution, offering insights into the changing Data Science landscape, especially amid the growing impact of AI.


08 March, 2024

Understanding Practical Engineering Management – Developer Teams & Hiring with Mirek Stanek

This episode offers guidance for both aspiring and experienced software engineers, providing valuable insights on project management, team leadership, career growth, and the hiring process.


08 March, 2024

5 Things You Need to Know About Pair Programming

Programming and development is a minefield of complexity, creativity, and technology. When a business problem needs solving, it often falls to these hardened defenders of the code to find a solution and save the day. Without the expertise of trusted developers, our entire digital ecosystem would fall into disrepair — it may have never even been made. 


19 February, 2024

How Does Collaborative Coding Work?

Programming is often seen as an independent process, so how exactly does collaborative coding work? We’ll explain that, plus its different benefits and drawbacks, and how you can make it work in your organization. 


08 February, 2024

2024 Guide to Collecting Crowdsourced Testing Feedback for Software Development

Bugs in software can be frustrating for users, but they can also be catastrophic. Think about industries such as healthcare, banking, or national defense where a small error could have a devastating impact. Tracking bugs and errors is one of the main challenges for any business about to launch a product. Here we’ll look at testing options and how to collect feedback from crowdsourced testers.

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