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How to Upskill Your Cloud

15 June, 2022

How to Upskill Your Cloud, SRE, and DevOps Experts to Empower Your Organisation
byBruno Amaro AlmeidainTips

Developers have a natural and prominent role in creating new capabilities and opportunities, but that cannot happen without a greater support infrastructure.


02 June, 2022

Cheat Sheet – Developers, unite! Have your voice heard.

This is a cheat sheet focusing on the Developer Nation 23rd survey wave, giving you all the key details to make the most out of your experience.

Bug reporting

26 May, 2022

When the problem is: incomplete bug ?reports

Here is the story of Adopto Bug Fixing – an automated bug reporting tool that helps tech teams receive fast and detailed bug reports.

Developer Nation Community

19 May, 2022

Developer Nation Community, turning the page to a new chapter [New job opportunities included]

We are now very excited to be taking the Developer Nation Community to its next level. And let us give you a quick tour of what we are working on currently.

How does Git store your data

19 May, 2022

Git Internals Part 1- List of basic Concepts That Power your .git Directory

Git is the most popular and commonly used open-source version control system in the modern-day. However, we barely focus on the basic concepts that are the building blocks of this system. In this article, we will learn about the basic concepts that power your .git directory.

Developer prize winners

12 April, 2022

Developer Prize Winners

It’s time to announce the developer prize winners of our 22nd Developer Nation survey! If you’re new to our prize draws: developers who take our surveys earn 100 points for every new survey completed, plus 10 points for providing their feedback about the survey. Benefits and rewards can be found here. ?General Prize Winners $1,000 […]

Developer interview

10 March, 2022

Meet the developer: Derick Alangi

Cameroon-based Derick Alangi has turned his health challenges into an opportunity to help support fellow devs in the community. Read on to find out more about him and the positive impact he hopes to have on developers.

swtich jobs

13 January, 2022

Why do developers switch jobs?

We asked professional developers what – if anything – would make them switch jobs. It turns out many developers know their worth. Just one in ten developers say that nothing would make them leave their current employer.

Developer Nation prize winners 2022

12 January, 2022

First Prize Winners of the 22nd Developer Nation Survey

We’ve been busy running our prize draws since the launch of our 22nd survey in December. Some of the prizes have already reached their destinations: “It was my first time winning a prize on the Developer Nation, and I received it before Christmas so it feels like a Christmas gift from someone special” – Akash, […]

supporting developers

21 September, 2021

Supporting developers with our global developer surveys

Developer Nation has been supporting organisations with our developer surveys since 2019, with each organisation receiving donations of $2,000. Find out how.

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