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A Deep Dive into Accessibility: Designing and Developing for All Users
developer toolsdevelopers

07 January, 2024

A Deep Dive into Accessibility: Designing and Developing for All Users

Website accessibility refers to the practice of making web content and features usable for all people, including those with disabilities. It involves designing websites and applications in a way that removes barriers that might prevent interaction or access by people with various impairments. 

technical writing

06 December, 2023

The ABCs of Technical Writing

As developers, we have either had to write or read a technical article or documentation. What do you look for when you write/read an article? Is it the length of the article? Is the balance between theory and examples? In this blog, we will find out what makes a good article and how to write an effective one.

high-quality API

13 June, 2023

What makes up a high-quality API

Discover key characteristics of high-quality APIs for seamless integration and enhanced application functionality.


22 March, 2023

DevOps 101 for a Dev Who Doesn’t Like Ops

DevOps is a culture and set of practices that aim to break down the barriers between development and operations teams to improve collaboration and efficiency. It involves automating and streamlining the software development process, from code creation to deployment and beyond


22 March, 2023

The Developer Advocacy Universe

Adrianne Tacke speaks about her current role, her focus and the challenges she is facing.


16 February, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Appoint iOS Programmers?

Over the past few years, the utilization of iOS applications has increased tremendously, and it’s because more than 1 billion users use iPhones, as per 2022 statistics. 


24 November, 2022

Writing: Software Development’s Underrated Skill

In this article, I’m going to expand on why writing is such a complementary skill for a software developer and the many ways this skill can benefit your career.

Code review

25 August, 2022

What is Code Review? — Best Practices, guidelines and tools.

Code reviews are a type of software quality assurance activity that involves rigorous evaluations of code in order to identify bugs, improve code quality, and assist engineers in understanding the source code. The fundamental goal of code review is to guarantee that the codebase’s code health improves with time.

Deploy your Lambda Functions

24 August, 2022

How to Deploy Your Lambda Functions with CloudFormation

AWS Lambda is a powerful tool for developing serverless applications and on-demand workflows. CloudFormation revolutionises deployment, replacing copied zip files with dependable and repeatable template-based deployment schemes.

developer personalities

28 July, 2022

Understanding developer personalities

Personality theories provide a blueprint for understanding why people behave the way they do. In the latest edition of our Developer Nation survey, we incorporated a measure of the widely accepted ‘Big Five’ personality dimensions in order to better understand the personality traits of software developers.

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