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enterprise developers interview 3

October 05, 2023

Meet the Enterprise Developers – Interview Series #3: The Game Development  Industry
byEleonora FanourakiinEnterprise Developers

Ever wondered what it’s like to be at the helm of crafting tools that enhance the lives of game developers? We sat down with Anant Sharma, an Enterprise Software Developer at a prominent game studio, to dive deep into his world. Anant’s journey is not only fascinating but also filled with valuable insights for both aspiring developers and those curious about the dynamic tech landscape.

As we begin, Anant sheds light on his role, where he and his team create tools that elevate the quality of life for game developers within their studio.

Q1. Can you briefly describe your Job as an Enterprise Software Developer? 

Anant: We are creating tools for other game developers at our game studio to improve their Quality of life in the development process.

He then proceeds to discuss the pros and cons of working in a large company versus a startup environment, offering a valuable perspective for professionals at any career stage. Whether you’re aiming for stability or the thrill of wearing multiple hats, Anant’s insights have you covered.

Q. What are some of the challenges and benefits of working at a large company compared to a start-up?

A: Pros:

1. You get to interact with people of various backgrounds and get to learn from them in a more proactive manner compared to start-ups where there is less workforce.

2. Job stability and benefits that exceed what start-ups have to offer. 


1. Since you have to wear many hats to get things done in startups, you get to have a more diverse CV at a startup compared to a large company where you are supposed to work on specific things. 

2. Startups have more flexibility for working hours compared to large companies since when there are many people you need to have core working hours to make sure all the workforce is active for the ease of communication. 

Embracing Remote Work: Anant’s Desire for Change

In this segment, Anant shares his aspirations for a completely remote work setup, giving us a glimpse into the evolving landscape of enterprise operations. As remote work gains momentum, Anant’s perspective reflects the changing dynamics of the modern workplace.

Q. If you could change one thing about how your organisation operates, what would it be?

Currently, our organisation is working in a hybrid mode, with 2 days at the office. I wish it was completely remote. 

AI’s Impact on Daily Life: Anant’s Experience and Company Policies

Anant delves into how AI is transforming his daily routine and shares the nuances of company policies regarding AI tool usage. AI is reshaping industries, and Anant’s thoughts shed light on the practical applications of this cutting-edge technology.

Q. How is AI impacting your day-to-day life? Is there a policy regarding the use of AI tools in your company?

We are actually already using AI to improve our quality of life, the policy around that depends on things like which AI you are interacting with. In some cases you are not allowed to share the company code base with the AI for results, also making sure the code generated by AI is checked since it’ll be your own responsibility. We are also testing GitHub copilot with some developers to see its impact on our process. 

The Tech Stack of an Enterprise Software Developer: Tools, Frameworks, and More

Anant offers insights into the tools, frameworks, and responsibilities that shape his role as an enterprise software developer. 

Q. How much of your work depends on specific tools, frameworks, programming languages or cloud providers?

As tools programmers, we not only work on creating the tools for the game engine but also stuff related to native code. Apart from that, sometimes we also have to interact with the CI/CD pipeline to improve it. 

Staying Ahead in the Game: Anant’s Strategies for Keeping Up-to-Date

Anant discusses his approach to staying current in the ever-evolving tech landscape, sharing valuable tips for continuous learning.

How do you keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date?

I think there are many ways to keep yourself up to date, things that work for me are: 1. Industry updates 2. Being part of conferences 3. Spending time in learning and development (which is part of our company policy)

Behind the Procurement Curtain: his Role in Tool and Service Selection

For those curious about decision-making processes in tech, Anant’s insights provide a behind-the-scenes look.

Q: How much influence do you’ve when it comes to procuring a new tool or service to support the projects at work? 

A: It’s a mutual team-wide discussion

Anant Sharma’s journey as an Enterprise Software Developer offers a window into the exciting and rapidly evolving world of tech. His experiences, challenges, and aspirations provide valuable lessons for professionals and enthusiasts alike. As the tech landscape continues to transform, Anant’s story reminds us of the importance of adaptability, innovation, and continuous learning in thriving as a developer.

Stay tuned for more engaging interviews from our enterprise developers series

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