October 23, 2023
Podcast #2 – Open Source, Navigating Engineering Career, Android and more with Lars Bergstrom

In this podcast episode, our host Ayan interviews Lars, the Director of Engineering at Android within Google. Lars begins by discussing the differences between working in open-source organizations like Mozilla and corporate entities like Google. At Mozilla, Lars experienced radical transparency and openness, where even future plans and business strategies were shared publicly, promoting trust and early community involvement. Conversely, Google’s approach to open source centers around accommodating numerous vendors building on Android while respecting their privacy.

Lars delves into his day-to-day responsibilities, which encompass people management, project management, and long-term strategic planning for Android. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the tools and systems used by his team and occasionally participating in code-related tasks to stay connected with the development process.

The conversation also touches upon the challenges of developing for Android, with a focus on the longevity of APIs, the adaptability of libraries to various devices, and the dynamic nature of user features based on changing usage patterns, such as a transition to video-based applications and the management of a high volume of notifications.

This episode provides valuable insights into the intricacies of managing a large open-source project like Android, balancing innovation, developer needs, and evolving user experiences in the technology landscape.

You can listen on Spotify:

or watch the entire thing here:

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