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Wearable Device Developers and their Platform Choices

Ιn this report, we explore the current wearable developer space and investigate the developers currently pursuing this technology, including their demographics, technical experience, and background. We further investigate the location of the developers and organisations in this space and who they are targeting. We also look into the current platforms for wearable devices and their relative popularity.

Key insights

The relative population of wearable device developers has grown sharply in the last year, and now includes 22% of all consumer electronics (CE) developers.

Nearly half (45%) of wearable device developers have two or fewer years of experience in CE.

Developers in the Greater China area have a higher involvement in wearable devices than their overall proportion of CE developers.

Wear OS is the most popular wearable platform, used by more than half (51%) of all wearable developers.

Wear OS leads in adoption for platform usage in most regions, however, in the Greater China area local vendors are more popular.

Primary users of Fitbit OS are much more likely to target other companies with their CE products than those using Wear OS or watchOS

62% of watchOS primary developers are involved in the Software as a Service industry.

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