The Developer Advocacy Universe with Adrienne Tacke
November 14, 2023
Podcast #3 – The Developer Advocacy Universe with Adrienne Tacke

In this Developer Nation broadcast episode, Ayan interviews Adrienne Tacke, a Senior Developer Advocate at Cisco, discussing her career journey and the field of developer advocacy. Adrienne shares her unexpected path into software development, starting with an internship during college. She emphasizes that a computer science degree isn’t necessary for a successful career in development; a passion for learning and an eagerness to explore new technologies can be equally valuable. While a degree can provide a solid foundation, ongoing learning is key, and it’s beneficial to grasp foundational computer science concepts even without formal education.

Adrienne discusses her transition to developer advocacy, driven by her desire to share her journey through conference speaking. She highlights the joy of travelling and connecting with various developer communities worldwide. However, she also mentions the challenges faced by developer advocates, including multitasking, burnout risk, and maintaining high-quality content creation. While the role offers numerous rewards, it comes with hard work and demands attention to balance and prioritization. The conversation sheds light on the behind-the-scenes work and the multifaceted nature of developer advocacy.

Intrigued by Adrienne’s journey and the world of developer advocacy? If you want to dive deeper into her experiences, challenges, and the vibrant field of developer relations, don’t miss the full episode. Tune in for a wealth of insights and inspiring stories.

You can listen on Spotify:

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