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November 28, 2018

Live now – new Developer Economics Survey Q4 2018!
byMiljana MiticinCommunity

Whether you’re a professional dev with years of coding experience under your belt, curious weekend hobbyists or still a student sharpening your skills, it’s always a good idea to test your standing with the latest technologies. Our brand new Developer Economics survey is now open for all devs who want to check how well you know tools, technologies, and vendors. Curious if you’re going in the right direction? Start now to find out!

What’s new in Developer Economics Q4 2018 survey?

Let’s start by telling you about our new survey feature! Now you can sign up for the survey using your email and easily save your answers (if you wish to pause and resume later where you left off) and receive updates. Plus, you can access our Referral Program and share the survey with other developers with just a few clicks.

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To make the journey just a little bit more exciting, there’s a fresh sci-fi theme waiting for you. Find out which one out of our 5 new characters is your secret AI alter-ego. Are you Brainops or Intellecta? Only one way to find out!

developer economics survey, developer economics q4 2018, developer economics 16 edition, sci fi characters, sci fi developer survey

We also want to use this survey as an opportunity to give back to the dev community. For each completed response to the survey, we’ll donate a small amount of money to the Raspberry Pi Foundation which supports young coders in the making. The idea is simple – the more responses we get, the more money we’ll donate. So it’s really up to you to help us make an impact and support a good cause!

What do you get for participating?

We cherish each and every new developer response, and want you to get something back! We’ve prepared pretty cool perks for everyone who takes part. Here’s what you can get our hands on.

We have a whopping $12,000 worth of amazing prizes up for grabs:  Samsung S9 Plus, Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System, Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 Tenkeyless NKR Tactile Action Keyboard, developer licenses, Udemy vouchers, and more! Want to hear a secret? There are extra surprise prizes that you may win if you complete additional questions in your area of expertise. If you’re specialising in development for mobile, web, cloud, desktop, AI, AR/VR, IoT, machine learning or data science, we have a few hidden perks for you.

developer economics survey, developer economics q4 2018, survey prizes, developer prizes, prizes for software developers

Feeling competitive? You can win up to $700 USD cash if you refer other developers to take the survey. Our goal is to reach 23,000 responses from all over the world – help us get there! Share our Tweets, banners, and texts with developers you know, collect points and you may be the lucky one! Just go to the survey, sign up and game on!

We also give to the survey participants an early access to key findings from the survey via our State of the Developer Nation 16th edition report (coming up in Q1 2019). The previous 15th edition got over 3k downloads since its release in September, and there’s a reason why people love it! It’s packed with stats and latest trends to help guide your career and skill building. And the best thing? You’ll get it first if you take the survey! Plus, you will get access to the Developer Benchmarks with key graphs illustrating global trends. Comes in handy when you want to prove to your boss or project pals that your ideas are solid and actually supported by data!

Last but not least, after you have answered all the questions, you get your own AI character at the end of the survey. Want to you feel superior to all the mortals out there? You know you do, so jump in and find out who your AI alter ego is!

Take the survey now!

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