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September 10, 2020

Developer Prizes: Announcing our Q2 2020 survey prize winners!
byVanessa MeasominCommunity

Thanks to all of you who took part in our Q2 2020 Developer Economics survey! Your responses make a difference and contribute to the developer ecosystem. We’re super excited as it is now time to announce the full list of our developer prizes and their winners!

Developers who take our surveys earn 100 points for every new survey completed, plus 10 points for providing their feedback about the survey. You can see the list of benefits and rewards here.

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 801+ points – Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and One Plus 7T

j*****@h******.c** MexicoMicrosoft Surface Pro 7
m*****.t*********@g****.c** LithuaniaOnePlus 7T

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 801+ points – Prizes: Vouchers, branded stickers, water bottles, surprise swag, and socks

j*****@h******.c**MexicoMicrosoft Surface Pro 7
m*****.t*********@g****.c**LithuaniaOnePlus 7T
S********@h******.c**Pakistan$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
a*********@y****.c**United States$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
l*@l****.c**Colombia$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
p****@p**********.n***Australia$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
c****@h******.c**United States$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
c*******@y****.c**United StatesBranded stickers and water bottle
z*********@g****.c**TaiwanBranded stickers and water bottle
b*****@e*************.c**United StatesBranded stickers and water bottle
r******@g****.c**CanadaBranded stickers and water bottle
d*.b****@g****.c**CanadaBranded stickers and water bottle
t*******.h******@g**.d*GermanySurprise swag
s******.s******@g****.c**GermanySurprise swag
l***********@g****.c**CanadaSurprise swag
m*****@c*******.i*ItalySurprise swag
s******.t**@g****.c**MalaysiaSurprise swag

Here’s a sneak peak at the surprise swag!

developer prize - surprise swag

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 501+ points Prizes: Vouchers, surprise swag, branded stickers and socks

WinnerCountry Prize
j***********@g****.c**Japan$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
a***********@g****.c**Malta$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
a*************@g****.c**Spain$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
f***********@g****.c**Nigeria$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
n.s*******@g****.c**United Kingdom$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
k******@g****.c**ItalySurprise swag
t****.a*******@g****.c**AlgeriaSurprise swag
p**********@g****.c**South AfricaBranded stickers and socks
j********@g****.c**United StatesBranded stickers and socks
k*****.k******@g****.c**GreeceBranded stickers and socks
n********@w****.c**IsraelBranded stickers and socks
s*********@g****.c**PortugalBranded stickers and socks

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 301+ points Prizes: Branded surprise swag, stickers and socks

b*****@g****.c**HungarySurprise swag
g****.o**@o******.c**United KingdomSurprise swag
t***********@g****.c**United StatesBranded stickers and socks
m*********@g****.c**United StatesBranded stickers and socks

General Prize Draw

h*********@g****.c**EgyptiPhone 11
d*****@y*****.r*RussiaJetBrains All Products Pack
o*********@g****.c**MexicoGitKraken Pro license
a******@o******.c**KenyaGitKraken Pro license
g****.c*****@h******.c**CanadaGitKraken Pro license
s******.a***@g****.c**IndiaGitKraken Pro license
z***********@g****.c**RussiaGitKraken Pro license
p************@g****.c**IndiaGitKraken Pro license
n************@g****.c**JapanCloud Guru x 6 months license
j*****@g****.c**RussiaCloud Guru x 6 months license
d************@g****.c**IndiaCloud Guru x 6 months license
m*******.m*******@g****.c**RussiaRaywenderlich.com 3 months Professional subscription
e****.s******.9*@g****.c**RussiaRaywenderlich.com 3 months Professional subscription
A*********@y*****.r*RussiaRaywenderlich.com 3 months Professional subscription
f.a*****@g****.c**TurkeySitePoint premium subscriptions x 6 months
n***********@g****.c**RussiaSitePoint premium subscriptions x 6 months
b****@l***.r*RussiaSitePoint premium subscriptions x 6 months
v****.m**********@g****.c**UkraineSitePoint premium subscriptions x 6 months
n*******@g****.c**RussiaSitePoint premium subscriptions x 6 months
s*************@y****.c*.u*United KingdomSeagate STGX5000400 Portable 5TB External Hard Drive HDD
r*****.c****.g*******@g****.c**VenezuelaCorsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
m*****.a********@g****.c**Nigeria$20 Amazon voucher
i***.f****@m*.e**.a*Australia$20 Amazon voucher
t***********@g****.c**Russia$20 Amazon voucher
a************@g****.c**Ghana$20 Amazon voucher
j************@g****.c**United States$20 Amazon voucher
g*****@g****.c**France$20 Amazon voucher
n***********@g****.c**Brazil$20 Amazon voucher
m***.l**.p*******@g*********.c**Japan$20 Amazon voucher
m*************@g****.c**India$20 Amazon voucher
d*******@g****.c**United States$20 Amazon voucher
m******@g****.c**Canada$20 Amazon voucher
m***.d*******@g****.c**NetherlandsBaseCode field guide – full kit
h********@g****.c**RussiaBaseCode field guide – full kit
h***@j*************.e*SpainBaseCode field guide – full kit
t*************@g****.c**South AfricaBaseCode field guide – full kit
d****.b****@f*******.c**FranceBaseCode field guide – full kit
a****************@g****.c**UkraineBaseCode field guide – full kit
r****@m***.r* RussiaIntroduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition (The MIT Press)

The State of AR/VR Survey Prize Draw

h******@g****.c**MexicoOculus Quest 64GB
i******@g****.c**United KingdomSketchfab 12 month Pro License
m*******.t*****@g****.c**United StatesOctaneRender Studio for Unity – 12 months license
d*********@g****.c**United StatesiPhone 11
a****.q**********@g****.c**CanadaVufori12 months Basic License
a***.p********@g****.c**IndiaVR Ninjas Virtual Reality Mat
n******.c******.f@g****.c**ChileVR Ninjas Virtual Reality Mat

Extra Prize Draws

s*******.1*@g****.c**India$50 Amazon voucher
j**********@i*****.c**BrazilDeveloper Economics hoodie
s*****.b********@g****.c**United StatesAugmented Reality: Principles and Practice (Usability) book
m***.l****@g****.c**United StatesThe Pragmatic Programmer: 20th Anniversary Edition, 2nd Edition: Your Journey to Mastery book
f********@b*.r*KazakhstanInsomniPlus license ($50 value) – Debug APIs like human, not robot
p*********@g****.c**VietnamDeveloper Economics hoodie
s*******@g****.c**RussiaSoft Skills: The software developer’s life manual
s******.l*****@g****.c**South AfricaDeveloper Economics hoodie
t*****************@g****.c**South Africa$20 Amazon voucher
r*************@g****.c**NigeriaThe 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure book
r**********@g****.c**GermanyDeveloper Economics hoodie
2*******@w**.d*Germany$20 Amazon voucher
m********@b*.r*RussiaGame Engine Architecture, Third Edition book
m**************@n****.c**IndonesiaDeveloper Economics hoodie
m************@m***.r*Russia$20 Amazon voucher
m*****.b****@g****.c**SpainPrecision: Principles, Practices and Solutions for the Internet of Things book
g*********.s**@g****.c**VietnamDeveloper Economics hoodie
l*********@g****.c**India$20 Amazon voucher
d********@g****.c**NigeriaDeep Learning (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning series) book
j**************@y****.c**United StatesDeveloper Economics hoodie
s***********@g****.c**Russia$20 Amazon voucher
s***********@g****.c**RussiaRaywenderlich.com 3 months Professional subscription
m******.b********@g****.c**IndiaDeveloper Economics hoodie
x*******@y****.c*.j*Japan$20 Amazon voucher
v************@g****.c**UkraineMastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain 2nd Edition book
o******.m******@c**********.n**FranceDeveloper Economics hoodie
d*******@g****.c**United States$20 Amazon voucher
p***********@m***.r*RussiaThe Phoenix Project: Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win
j********@g****.c**South Africa$20 Amazon voucher
g*************@g****.c**IndonesiaDeveloper Economics hoodie

Dicoding Prize Draw – Dicoding Learning Path (Beginner Android or Beginner Web class or mixed) Exclusive developers taking the survey from Indonesia


We’ve already reached out to the winners by email. Do you recognise one of the email addresses as yours but haven’t received your email yet? Please contact us at community@developereconomics.com

The lists above only include prize-draw winners and not runner-ups. If the prize draw winners do not claim their prizes within 10 workings of us contacting them, then runner-ups will be invited to claim them instead. 

Some of the winners have generously donated the cost of their prize to Techfugees, the charity we supported during the survey. 

We’d like to say a special thanks to the lovely people at BaseCode, Dicoding, GitKraken, SitePoint, Sketchfab who supported us during our Q2 2020 Developer Economics survey by donating a prize – you rock!!

If you’re not a winner, don’t despair, our next survey, our 20th (!!), will be live later this year. We’re already on the hunt for some amazing prizes, and open to your suggestions. What prizes would you like to win? Drop us an email or send us a Tweet.

To ensure that you are notified when our next survey is live, sign up. Don’t forget to make sure the survey notification option is ticked.

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