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December 06, 2022

Developer Nation Holiday Gift Guide – 2022
byAyan PahwainCommunity

Holidays are around the corner and if you would like to thank a developer in your life with some geeky gifts this guide might come in handy.


  1. GaN Charger with Power Delivery : 

Gone are the days where we have to carry multiple power adaptors for each device. GaN chargers use the latest technology based on gallium nitride unlike traditional silicon based chargers, making them compact and more power efficient, Power Delivery (PD) is a specification for handling higher power and allows a range of devices to charge quickly over a USB connection. That means a good GaN charger with power delivery can simultaneously charge your laptop, mobile phone and other devices. Based on the needs you can pick one from amazon with good rating. I’ve personally used and can recommend:



  1. Airtags : these have been saviours for me in the last year. If you travel often these are now the must-haves. It basically works with Apple find my network updating the location so you can track your luggage, keys or even pets. 
  1. Multi-tool: a must have accessory for every developer’s toolkit. Leatherman has a range of multi-tools which you can pick from 

DiY Learning:

  1. Arduno Uno: Programming to control hardware is a whole new experience, and arduino is still one of the best ways to get started. Arduino Uno boards and clones are easily available and makes for a great gift.
  1. Learn to solder kit : Soldering can be a life saving skill and Tindie has DiY learn to solder kit from beginner through hole components to advanced 0402 SMD components. Pick one that suits your needs. Best thing is you can wear some as badges after you solder one successfully 😉
  1. Lock Picking Kit : Not for sneaky reasons but I absolutely loved when I first received a lock picking kit, it teaches a lot about mechanical padlocks. You can find many variants on amazon so pick one based on good review ratings. Here’s one I have :  


  1. Nano-leaf smart lights : Who doesn’t love some fancy wifi controlled smart lights? Nano leaf take it to yet another level and any developer would fancy them having it as part their work setup
  1. Rode USB NT mini mic: Level up the audio on video calls with this cute little but professional microphone from Rode
  1. Scented Candles: Nothing beats good scented candles on a Friday night bashing bugs. Find one on local amazon or support a local small business. Every developer would love it 

That’s all from my list, I hope this has given you some inspiration. If you would like to suggest more gift ideas please add it to the comment section, Happy Holidays. cheers!

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