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May 19, 2022

Developer Nation Community, turning the page to a new chapter [New job opportunities included]
byVanessa MeasominCommunity

The Developer Nation Community is definitely not new. It goes back to a long time ago, when communities were not as much in the spotlight as they are today. Our mission has always been to keep its ears open to the voices of software creators and share back data and insights from our global surveys.

Over the years, we have worked on several initiatives to grow and engage our community and – no complaints – we have managed to win the hearts of thousands of software creators around the world.

This is why we are now very excited to be taking the Developer Nation Community to its next level.  And let us give you a quick tour of what we are working on currently. 

A value proposition that is closer to what software creators expect from us. 

We have always championed the importance of being data-driven when making decisions. And this is even more crucial when decisions are tied to one’s professional career and growth. To that effect, we have shaped our mission accordingly. Thus, we will focus on helping developers be their best and we will do that by helping them answer burning questions such as :

What software developer careers are out there? 

Which ones have the most demand? 

What skills or formal training should I acquire? 

How can I become more productive and efficient?

We are aiming to create a space where software creators can set the right foundations for their career,  learn how they stack up against emerging software development trends,  get tips and discover opportunities for professional growth as well as plan wisely their next moves.

Investing on people

To be able to support our community members and keep true to our mission we have decided to invest in a new Community Team and this is why we are currently recruiting for two roles. We are hoping that by bringing in more people we will be able to build on the value we can bring to our community while focusing on having an even more personalised relationship with them.  We would love it if these roles were to be filled by existing community members, so if you take a look at the job descriptions and you feel you are up for a new challenge, we would like to meet with you.

On the people front, we are also very excited to announce that Vanessa, our current Developer Advocate, will take up a new challenge as our Developer Success Executive. She will continue to listen to developer feedback, and work with the Developer Committee, and her mission will be to focus on prizes and benefits for software creators in our community.

Community Lead

As our first Community Lead you will have a significant impact on designing and executing the Developer Nation Community strategy – one of SlashData’s strategic priorities. You will grow, engage and motivate a global community of software engineers focusing on providing them with resources that will help them grow in their career journey and plan their next move.

We are looking for an avid communicator who loves engaging with developers, has excellent organisational skills, and has a solid tech background. They should have at least 1-2 years of experience in community building, growing, and/or engaging roles and will be very fluent in English – both written and spoken.

Apply here

Developer Advocate

As the Developer Advocate you will be a key part of the future of this global community of developers coming together to learn from each-other, share experiences, creating content with the aim to help developers grow in their careers, foster relationships between senior developer mentors and mentees, and connect developers globally with major technology platforms.

You will engage and motivate a global community of software engineers making sure to constantly provide them with content in various formats as well as engage in conversations to help them grow in their career journey and plan their next move.

Apply here 

  • A community-led approach

The next chapter of the Developer Nation community will come with a wide range of initiatives. Would you like to be among the first to get involved?

  • Content contribution

We are open to all types of formats (podcasts, blogs, videos, webinars, Twitter space discussions etc) as long as the topics resonate with our mission and comply with our values.

  • Events and meetups

We will soon go into the space of organising events for the Developer Nation community. If you have any ideas or would want to be part of them, please reach out and we can brainstorm together!

  • Mentorship

Are you in need of a mentor or perhaps you are a particularly skilled mentor? Or do you just want to help? In any case, this is a great opportunity to be part of a grassroots initiative where the community is actively engaged in peer support. 

For all of the above and also for anything else you wish to share with us please drop us a line at community[at] developernation.net

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