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Developer Nation is a global community of software creators who want to influence the future of how software is built. Our community is a space where you can learn how you stack up against emerging software development trends, discover opportunities for your personal growth, and make an impact by voicing your opinions about tools and technologies directly to the people at the service of software creators. 

Every year, we listen to what 30,000+ developers in 165 countries have to say about their projects, learning aspirations, and needs. We want to hear from all types of developers, from hobbyists to enterprise and your experiences across platforms, revenues, apps, dev tools, APIs, segments and regions. We feed these insights back to the ecosystem and help the platforms understand what they could do next to accommodate the needs of software creators better.

Every survey is a new opportunity for us to give back to the software development community. We run draws and offer amazing prizes & gift vouchers for all respondents. However, only members of the Developer Nation community can unlock access to the additional exclusive (supercool) prizes & rewards.

Why join our Developer Nation Community?
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• You instantly become part of a community with over 30,000 software creators globally.

• Be the first to find out about new Developer Nation surveys.

• Get early access to the State of the Developer Nation Report published after each survey.

• Become eligible for exclusive draws & increase your chances of winning.

• Cash out once you have reached 501+ points & earn vouchers, branded swag and more.

Got questions on draws and prize claims? Please read our Survey Terms & Conditions.

Gather points, unlock special benefits and win prizes!

100 points for every new survey you complete.

50 points by becoming a Developer Committee member by invite, and being a part of the Developer Nation survey production process.

10 points by giving us your thoughts about the survey. We love feedback.

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