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We champion a software development ecosystem where software creators can thrive by setting the right foundations for their careers and making conscious career decisions.

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Our global surveys reach over 30,000 developers and no-code software creators each year across 165+ countries. We explore trends across a broad spectrum of software sectors: web, mobile, desktop, cloud, industrial IoT, consumer electronics, embedded software, AR & VR, apps/extensions for 3rd-party ecosystems, games, Machine Learning & AI, and data science. We welcome software developers from all backgrounds: professionals, students, and hobbyists. Among other aspects, Developer Nation tracks software creators' experiences across platforms, languages, revenue models, verticals, tools, segments, and regions.

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Our research program captures the pulse of major development trends:

Developer Nation is a global community helping software creators grow throughout their coding journey and answer burning questions such as:

What software developer careers are out there?  Which ones have the most demand? What skills or formal training should I acquire?  How can I become more productive and efficient?

Our mission is to create a space where software creators can set the right foundations for their career,  learn how they stack up against emerging software development trends,  get tips and discover opportunities for professional growth as well as plan wisely their next moves.

The evolution of the software development ecosystem is in the hands of software creators and we have a vision to make all their voices be heard. Our global developer research program aims at opening a discussion channel with software creators who wish to share their views on software trends, tools as well as the pain points and challenges they are facing. We are committed to sharing back the data and insights and thus making everyone in the community wiser.

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